Purpose Institute

Our Purpose is singular: The Lord’s Harvest!

Our Mission is the greatest challenge we face: to train, equip, and encourage willing workers to hear the call of God and be sent into HIS harvest.  The field is a world of 7 billion people.  The crop is 7 billion hurting souls.

Purpose Institute is a God-given plan, unique in structure and format.  Our curriculum is time-efficient by design, relevant to the to the 21st Century, and mobilized to be available to all who desire training, but are unable to attend a typical Bible school.  Expenses are kept to a minimum, making PI very cost effective and affordable.  Our primary focus is to teach Apostolic Ministry using Apostolic Methods founded on Apostolic Doctrine.

Classes are offered at Peoria’s campus one weekend per month, eight months out of the year.  Two degrees in Ministerial Studies are offered from PI. An Associate’s certificate can be earned in five semesters (two and one-half years) and a Bachelor’s certificate can be earned in eight semesters (four years).